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MPwH Review 

A person usually needs to have at his side that special someone who can make him sigh, dream and make him or she feel so special. We all want to love and receive love since love is the most powerful feeling in the world; it’s just a matter of opening up and meeting new people who are compatible with you. MPwH can help you achieve what you want; we are a reliable and diverse website and a mechanism that will serve to meet people who suffer a disease as hard as Herpes.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that any sexually active person can contract. MPwH is responsible for finding people who are going through the same problem as you, who can understand you, advise you, talk about your experiences. And in turn find the person that could be compatible with you as in a love story.

This website is a new service to look for a reliable partner. Through our page, look for a couple that is going through the same situation as you is a pleasant task that gives results. MPwH unites singles in search of love; MPwH puts everything within your reach to achieve this goal. So, anyone looking for contacts with women or finding a male partner receives a list of proposals from which to choose those people that best fit as your partner. Also if you are new in a city and looking for meetings, it will help you a look for a partner in the city.

Membership fees

Being part of this community is very simple: You can be a free member where you can enjoy some services of the page, but not all. Or pay the Gold membership and enjoy all the goodness that we offer. Maybe at first you will not know if it’s worth paying for membership, but it has many testimonials from people who started out as a free member and loved the page, so they are now Gold members.

  • Free standard membership
  • Gold Membership
    • 1 month for $29.95 (about $1 per day)
    • 3 months for $59.95 ($19.95 every month)
    • 6 months for $95.95 ($15.95 every month)

Features on MPwH to Standard members:

Message & chat

  • Free to send winks
  • Reply to emails / messages on online chat
  • Help from live support
  • Initiate sending greeting and birthday cards


  • Search by Members’ first date ideas
  • Quick / Username

Profile & Photo

  • Upload and maintain a private album
  • Share or unshare private album to the members freely
  • Post your own first date ideas and view others’
  • Post your questions to matches / friends and answer others’
  • Create lifetime profile
  • Verify photo & Add up to 26 photos
  • Comment on profiles, photos, Herpes blogs and forums
  • Access to our mobile site or any of our smartphone apps
  • Edit blog and forum messages with advanced tools
  • Answer others’ questions and post your own

Special features on MPwH:

  • Share & read STD inspirational stories  (1,400+)
  • Share & read STD treatment stories (500+)
  • Check STD care locations (900+)
  • Check STD legal news & articles

GOLD members also receive the following additional benefits:

  • Initiate sending emails / chatting online. This is a big advantage over Standard membership
  • Ask dating advisor by email and live chat
  • Check if sent mail is read on site
  • Search by State / Province or Zip / Postal Code / City
  • Search by Living with (by types of STDs)
  • See Who is interested in me / viewed me / liked my photo / answered my questions
  • Show up at the very TOP in searches
  • Get highlighted as a ‘featured profile’ for all to see! And it will increase your chances of getting noticed!
  • Prioritize & Highlight listing in search / browse results & emails
  • Have your own account manager to receive priority customer care on profile updates (like adding photos).
  • Manage profile / photo privacy setting to allow only select members or gold members can access to your photos or profile info.
  • Request access to other members’ private album
  • Hide undesirable members from your searches, and eliminating them from your search results.
  • Herpes Dating advice and safety tips (1,300+)
  • “Quick Exit” button redirects you to another site quickly to ensure your privacy

How to join MPwH?

Thanks to MPwH that has more than 82.000 persons approximately it offers interesting possibilities to meet people. We no longer depend on married friends to look for partners; it is not necessary to endure disastrous blind dates, to venture to call in a bar or to resort to a familiar member who does not know us either. If you are looking for a serious relationship, a partner with whom to share your life MPwH is the most suitable place to get it.

MPwH is reliable, and you will not feel bad for wanting to meet people regardless of your illness. You can also find friendship, if that is what you want, dates, among others. With the Gold membership, you can enter the profiles and see which person fits more with your personality, with who you keep a good relation regarding stability and trust since you will be in contact with people in a difficult situation. Our mission is to unite soul mates in happy, lasting relationships and without feeling sorry for them.

How to create a good profile in MPwH?

Your profile is your cover letter, is where you must clearly specify who you are, what you are looking for, your interests, tastes, preferences, etc. Something important to keep in mind when filling your profile is that you should always be consistent and honest. Create your profile in our website is very simple, the first thing to do is to place your personal data; then you must give more information about yourself and your hobbies and what you like so that the other person knows a little more about you.

We recommend that you be very clear so that others may know you well, always promote your unique and positive qualities. Showing positive and safe are two pillars to attract your ideal partner. Once you have completed your profile, review it from time to time and try to update it.

Diverse Community

Some dating pages have a standard community or require certain criteria for members who belong to it but our website is not. MPwH allows members from all over the world so you can find enough diversity in it. One of the things MPwH guarantees you is to find people of different sexual preferences, races, religion among others. This gives you many chances that find someone that you like for start to know it. There are also a lot of members with whom you can talk about Herpes and how it affects you. Here you will find understanding without criticism what is excellent when it comes to meeting your ideal partner.

Members with Herpes

Most people who use MPwH look for a couple to be considerate of the kind of illness you have or that they also have. People that can understand what you are going through and with whom to share experiences. In the community thousands of people who can be compatible for you just have to be open to the possibilities. For premium members, MPwh has a section only for people with a type of Herpes simplex. You can see their profiles until you find the person who is compatible with you who wants to know about your experience.

Types of Herpes on Members of

Here you can find people with the following types of Herpes:

Herpes genital: Type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). These viruses are similar and can infect the mouth or the genital region. However, type 1 is usually located above the waist and type 2 below.

Herpes cold sores: Type 1 (abbreviated as HSV-1) and type 2 (abbreviated as HSV-2). Although both can cause lip sores, most cold sores are caused by HSV-1.

If you have no knowledge of what type of Herpes do you have, you also have the option of being able to enter the website.

How do you verify your identity?

The advantages that we have and offer our members is that you can verify your profile. This verification gives you more security and credibility when it comes to introducing yourself to others and looking for couple options. It will also make you more interesting, and you will be looking more often. Verifying your profile will set you apart from the rest.

Let’s Meet

Members of the MPwH community will also be able to enjoy the “Let’s Meet and Add a Comment” feature. With this option you can find people who want to meet you, you also enter into the menu. Also then talk to that person you find interesting and match your tastes and personality.

Ways of communication

You can find many ways to communicate with other members through our website; there is a live chat, forum, email, among others. These options are accessible to you depending on the membership you choose. With any of them, you can communicate and know if that person you chose is the ideal for you. You can also be updated with the latest topics or know more about Herpes in the blogs of MPwH.


There is no page like “Meet People with Herpes,” this website is destined to find perfect couples that have a disease these diseases. Find people who don’t have problems with talking and sharing experiences. There is no doubt that this is the ideal place for you, where the ideal couple is at the distance of a click.

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