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H-YPE Reviews

To begin with, H-YPE is an excellent choice for people with Herpes living in the United Kingdom.  The YPE stands for Your Positive Experience. It is known that people with STDs are often lonely. What is more, they frequently encounter discrimination and live with a constant fear of rejection. Hence, the H-YPE is not only a dating site, but a community as well. Firstly, it emerged as a site for singles with HPV and HSV in the UK with the goal to live normally. Shortly after, it became a fast-growing network. Thus, if you are positive for HSV, Herpes, HPV, or another STD, this is the right place. In essence, this site offers love, friendship, and community support.

  • Standard membership is free
  • Full Access Membership
  • One month for £5.95
  • Three months for £13.95 (20 days free)
  • Six months for £22.95 (64 days free)
  • 12 months for £36.95 (174 days free)
  • Payments can be made by PayPal and a credit card

Benefits and Features on H-YPE

The site is run by people diagnosed with an STD. Therefore, they bring important advice and support. Moreover, the standard or basic membership is free. Additionally, this site has great privacy features and security. However, with only standard membership, you cannot access all of them. At the moment, this site has members from many countries. It is possible to communicate emails, winks, and instant messaging features.  Besides, there are chat rooms and forums.

Community Support

At this site, members surely have a wonderful experience with community support. For instance, there are locally organized seminars and parties. What is more, the chat rooms and IM have video and audio features. Forums can be private and public. Members can publish blogs and customize profiles. Not to mention joy they can get from photo and video galleries and music.


You can log without seeing the dreaded H words all around. Accordingly, it is possible to browse safely. It is not even required to use the word “herpes” when registering because od the sensitive login.


Put shortly, H-YPE is a great dating site for singles with HSV, HPV, and another STD. Apart from love, it offers friendship and support as well.  To conclude, people with STDs from the UK and abroad can enjoy the safe environment.

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